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T.I.R.Z. Creation

MAY 28TH, 2018


Some of the things our city officials do is pandering to wealthy developers without regard to the potentially negative outcome for our entire community at large. Tomorrow, at city hall's weekly Tuesday morning meeting, there is scheduled to be a vote to create two and expand the boundaries of an existing T.I.R.Z.s or Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones. These are to be located on the foothills of the Franklin Mountains on the west side of our city. These are agenda items 21.1, 21.2, and 21.3 on the city's posted agenda here:

First, you may want to read exactly what a T.I.R.Z. is and what it is SUPPOSED to be used for here:

One of the issues that I along with many others have with these proposals is that the land for the new T.I.R.Z.s currently belongs to the El Paso Water Utilities. This 5,000 acre total will subtract from the surface collection of natural waters to replace our aquifer that supplies much of the needed water for our city. Minor issue you think? Well considering the amount of space already being used up for development and new roadways on the west side of town, at this pace, we will need to start importing water from much farther away than Dell City.

This is not the only issue though. I along with many others question as to the validity of creating a T.I.R.Z. in open desert in the first place as the typical use of this type of taxation reinvestment is usually reserved to assist in bringing up to standards blighted areas that have undergone huge amounts of collapse due to neglect which is usually due to a large amount of people moving away from a particular area and leaving it without resources. Again, please reference the above linked article describing T.I.R.Z.s. The city's proposed use of a reinvestment zone in this case enriches developers at the cost of the rest of our entire population because it leaves a great amount of money from flowing into the general fund to pay for things such a street repair and maintenance, police protection, and all other city services paid through the general fund.

Another HUGE issue is that this new formation of T.I.R.Z. space is cutting through some WORLD CLASS trail networks that have been built by our very own citizens without the aid of taxpayer money. It's been built with sweat equity and private donations and is used throughout the year by not only our own citizens, but many thousands of our-of-town sports lovers as well. This network travels clear around the mid to upper levels of the Franklin Mountains connecting a continuous fifty-mile loop of trail webs that are used by hikers, mountain trail runners, mountain bikers, and yes, even our everyday dog walkers. The scenic beauty and the fact that a mountain range runs right up the middle of the network attracts tourists in search of the beautiful scenery, plant life, and health benefits of outdoor activity and thus brings out of town money into our community.
Here's a link to give you more information about that subject:

Finally, I would like to ask for your input on anything you see written here today or any day I post new subject matter, and I hope you can join me in halting the creation of these new T.I.R.Z.s as they have been proposed. Our city's mayor and representatives aren't our bosses. WE are THEIRS.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 in front of city hall on Campbell Street, we'll be gathering en masse to protest their current direction. Won't you please join me? Click here for more information on that:

I hope to see you there. I'm running for District 5 City Council Representative and I want to meet people from every area of our city because if I'm elected, my vote affects not only my district but that of every citizen's districts as well.

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