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Taxation and Your Representative

Just to be clear, I'm an Indepublicrat. I vote for people I trust and ideas that make sense, not for political parties. I think political parties actually hold back progress and should be done away with. There has never been one significant thing done to benefit man by a political party, but ALL things that have been accomplished in this world have been conceived by people of creative hearts and ambitious minds.

I am not a rich man. I live in an average house that just got slapped with a ten percent increase in property valuation and the city leaders also want to increase the tax rate by 5% which isn't what our city reps should be looking to do. They should have jumped at the opportunity to DECREASE the rate and hold to a reasonable budget. But instead they decided to INCREASE the previous year's already bloated budget by almost $100 million.

I, for one, have HAD ENOUGH. In fact, that should be my nickname. Had Enough Hogan... kind of has a ring to it.

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