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Why do I want to represent District 5?

FOR YEARS El Paso has been home to some of the most amazingly blatant abuses of tax dollars collected from its citizens mostly going to projects and purposes that don't benefit the body of citizens as a whole, but that mostly benefit only a handful of people in a very tight group and it seems that those players are always the same bunch. This has led to ridiculous rises in property taxes as a result of uncontrolled spending which puts many of our citizens at odds with maybe having to skip paying for food and medication or perhaps losing their home which is fully paid for yet their income is fixed from now until the day they die. It is also home to some of the most egregious abuse of its citizens both directly and indirectly because of the behavior of its leadership when addressed by citizens in city hall meetings.


In exchange for your vote and hiring me to be your City Representative for District 5,


I WILL vote against any type of spending that does not benefit each and every citizen of our community in some substantial way.

I WILL be available to every one of my constituents as directly as possible as well as any other citizen citywide when it comes to any city related concerns or criticisms.

I WILL work diligently to get much needed street repair and other infrastructure projects going before approving any other budget item suggested by anyone.

I WILL work diligently to bring in good HIGH-PAYING jobs to the city through my direct participation in promoting our community and all its existing qualities of which there are many.  There has been way too much abuse in offering incentives to companies that seem to do nothing more than proliferate what we already have; namely jobs that keep our overall median income among the lowest in the nation while we have among the highest of tax burdens.

I WILL listen! This is much of the problem that we have today at city hall. If you've never been to a city council meeting, PLEASE GO BEFORE THE ELECTIONS. I promise you'll notice a big difference once I and a few other choice candidates are voted into office this November.

I WILL devote a large portion of my time creating solutions to pay down the huge debt that we currently have hanging over our heads.

I WILL do everything within my power to preserve and protect our heritage, our local culture, our architectural patrimony and our mountains. Far too many times our city officials have passed on the opportunity to have El Paso remain unique in order to capture and develop a heritage tourism income of which we still only have less than 2% of the state's heritage tourism dollars coming into our city because of past practices of destruction rather than preservation and promotion. Please be aware that dollars spent repetitively amongst ourselves within the city tend to shrink our city's wealth whereas dollars from other places spent here expand and increase our city's wealth and prosperity.

I WILL initiate a movement to prevent any spending project to be listed with another spending project on any bond proposal in the future.  All spending proposals should be specific, transparent, fully defined as to the costs, benefits, and intended uses and should stand on their own without muddying the waters by mixing several or even two different projects together on one bond proposal.  This will hold our city council and all future city councils to a higher standard of communication with the public BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THEY NEED TO VOTE.


I WILL NOT waste your hard-earned tax dollars (and mine) on vanity projects. These historically have been a drain and never a plus in other cities that our most recent city councils have attempted to emulate. Instead, I will promote creating a "UNIQUE US" which will not cost us anywhere near the amount of money that pet vanity projects cost without a return to our city.

I WILL NOT abuse my relationship with the citizens of El Paso by ignoring calls, scoffing and making faces at citizen speakers at city hall meetings, frequently getting up and exiting the room when a citizen is addressing city hall meetings, or any of the other rude things that go on currently.

I WILL NOT vote for ANY certificates of obligation other than those needed to rescue our city or any large number of its citizens from a sudden disaster such as a flood, foreign attack, or other natural disaster from disease or pestilence that could not have otherwise been planned for financially.


I desire your continued love of your community.  I desire your continued support and stewardship toward making our community clean, healthy for ourselves and our children, and financially sound for many decades into the future. I desire your ongoing participation in spirit and active community participation including your pledge to vote on all issues that affect our community.

"The future really is in our own hands and not those of the handful of oligarchs that have been controlling it in the absence of our true participation. Accept the past as being the fault of all of us, but move forward with the anticipation and celebration of our total participation."


John B. Hogan

Candidate for District 5 Representative of the Greatest City in the Southwest

P.S.: If I have overlooked anything in my pledge and platform that you as a citizen think should be included as a specific, please feel free to contact me either directly by call, email, or the contact form on this website. I TRULY DO WANT TO REPRESENT, NOT DICTATE.

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